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Update: I just spoke with a woman from the FBI terrorism division and I was told that Lisa Irwin’s disappearance wasn’t something they were previously investigating at the FBI but that the Kansas City Police was investigating it. I am not sure if that is true or what that means, but I guess it could mean that either someone did not care about the multiple FBI IC3 reports I filed before, or someone perhaps, filed them in file drawer number 13.

Update: “92 Toys” may be a reference to a code word for a little girl. Go check my twitter account at Voat at

Here is another repeat of the comparison between Lisa Irwin and “Annabelle.” Let’s get her home to her real parents.

Kind of Incriminating Tweet, deleted after I tagged Secret Service
Kind of Incriminating Tweet, deleted after I tagged Secret Service



Incriminating Tweet Removed
Incriminating Tweet Removed

Today I intended only to find a video my husband found a few months ago of the earliest upload of “Annabelle” on the Toy Freaks channel. I stumbled on some weird Pakistani child trafficking videos immediately.

Could this be why the FBI is doing nothing about this case? Are they using Lisa Irwin to bait the Arab Pedos? Covering it up? Total morons?

Call them and see
Lisa Irwin Missing Child FBI Agents

For what it is worth, here is the video I was trying to find. It was posted on March 7, 2012. So the earliest video on the ToyFreaks related channels is on a date after Lisa Irwin was kidnapped, October 2011 and I have yet to find any earlier videos. If he posted this video any time near the date that it was made, that would put Lisa Irwin at 15 months old in the video. This is the only video I will hyperlink, but I am putting the link on Hooktube so he can’t make any money off of it.

Earliest known video of "Annabelle" March 2017
Earliest known video of “Annabelle” March 2012

I do not understand why people have to be so evil, and engage in terrorist activities and prey on innocent people, especially children, but you must have a lot of evil in your heart if you can go along with this.

While typing this article some weird things have been happening. I was simply looking for the Secret ToyFreaks twitter accounts again because I wanted to find the child porn accounts and other porn accounts he was folllowing. This is when I found something I wasn’t looking for.

I have been taking screenshots along the way, but as I type this, different results have been popping up on Twitter than what I found only a few seconds before. Here are some Twitter results from someone named @youwildman or “#DeadManWalking” asking George Webb when the 92 toys will be delivered and to what port, etc. I do not know what any of this means, maybe it is an alt for George Webb

Is this "ToyFreaks" Secret Account really owned by Greg Chism?
Is the “ToyFreaks” Secret Account really owned by Greg Chism?

The ToyFreaks channel is leading back to potential terrorist or anti-terrorist websites, since I do not read other languages and have to use a translator app, all I can figure out is that it seems to be linking up somehow to a covert operation called Operation Radulfasad, which is targeting Taliban forces in Pakistan.

All I could even guess would be that the terrorists or the covert intelligence community is either directly networking on YouTube videos of children for some unknown reason, maybe as undercover agents, or the Taliban is watching and commenting on the videos during their free time. Maybe both.

Whatever the case may be with that, I find it odd that the BOLO I found for the Madeline McCann abduction that I posted a few days ago is no longer coming up on a Google search for me. And I do not even know where the original meme came from, but I did grab this from a Madeline McCann BOLO that was circulating a while back, before making it into a meme to use on Twitter on October 11.

This Madeline McCann BOLO was originally around during the beginning of the Pizzagate scandal. Usually you see a smaller photo with only two drawings of men, and not all four. I probably still have the original image on my phone.

I suspect that people were focusing in on the top row, and not the bottom because the bottom row was nobody familiar, while the top row was obviously the spitting image of Tony and John Podesta. If you compare the BOLO drawing on the bottom left to a photo of Greg Chism, it looks pretty similar.

Tweet sent on October 11
Tweet sent on October 11
Greg Chism of ToyFreaks
Greg Chism of ToyFreaks resembles the man in the bottom left of the Madeline McCann BOLO

Here is more information on what I found and a recap of how I found it:

While searching for the March 7, 2012 upload of the baby “Annabelle,” I stumbled on a video that was titled,“Bad Baby Giant Chocolate Fountain Challenge Victoria Annabelle Freak Family Hidden video”with 83 views, posted to YouTube on September 17, 206 with a cryptic description that says it was Published on November 25, 2016. You can see this video here: (I am not going to hyperlink it for obvious reasons.)

Weird Video Mirroring a ToyFreaks Title
Weird Video Mirroring a ToyFreaks Title

In this video, which seemingly has absolutely nothing to do with anything in the title, or with “Annabelle and Victoria,” a large group of perhaps Pakistani children is seen. A suggestion pops up on the channel to watch another video by the same channel, MULTANI HUB 2050. (

It says, for more funny videos visit these links:

When clicking on that, the channel has been erased.

"This Channel does not exist"
“This Channel does not exist”

When clicking on the second link, it says the video is unavailable. "This Video is Unavailable" “This Video is Unavailable”

When clicking on the first suggested video for Multani Hub 2050, I saw a young girl in her teens singing something in another language. Clicking on the channel itself shows other videos of other women and girls. One of them appears to be porn.

Weird Foreign Channel with Pornographic Teaser Ads
Weird Foreign Channel with Pornographic Teaser Ads

There was a link on one of the articles that said go to

When you go to that channel the same videos are featured, including some with babies.

Porn Channel Also Has Babies
Weird Blog Channel Also Has Babies

If you scroll all the way down, there is also one that had a non-pornographic looking title with the first words “Pak army.” You have to hover your mouse to see the rest of the title. The title is, “Pak army start Operation radulfasad 2017” and again, I am not going to hyperlink this.

While posting this and going to the YouTube video linked, I got the message that my internet had gone out (again).


When Googling the name of the operation I can see that this is a Covert Counter-Taliban operation of the Pakistani military forces. Why it is posted on this blog and linking back to ToyFreaks is a mystery.

Another now-removed video posted on this blog from February 2017 was titled, “Trump Attacks Media at Florida rally Today USA News”

I did eventually find the original video I was looking for. It was posted in March 2012, when Lisa Irwin would have been around 15 months old.

Here is that video again.

Also, a secret ToyFreaks Twitter account was created in October 2011, the month Lisa Irwin was kidnapped. I was looking for this again, when I found the weird tweets to George Webb above.

One of the channels had followers consisting of at least one person posting sex tapes (the channel now vanished but I have posted some of the screenshots in earlier articles). Another follower says his name is “Chrisperezcp.” CP = child porn.

I posted that photo to Facebook or Twitter yesterday (I just looked at the file on my laptop and the most recent screenshot was taken from the list of followers on October 20) and I am now looking for it but since I do some of the digging on my phone and some of it on my laptop, I had to go looking for it again, and today I see that it is gone from his followers. I had to look him up by name to find him.

While searching Twitter for the handle I found months ago, I couldn’t recall the exact name of the Twitter account without finding the screenshot so I started typing. I typed in variants of 92 Toys and 92toys and 92_toys and this popped up in the search result. The account is called Dead Man Walking and the handle is @youwildman. His profile reads, “If I could afford to go underground I would but I can barely afford to stay where I am. It’s all good though, I knew the risks but fought the good fight anyway.” and “The Beginning is Near” which sounds almost apocalyptic to me.


Here is a selection of photos of Megyn Kelly, investigating the disappearance of Lisa Irwin and lastly, “investigating” the Comet Ping Pong false flag. I guess someone should alert her that her fake news story about James Alefantis was off the mark.

And by the way, here is a screenshot of @Chrisperezcp, which has been removed from the secret ToyFreaks account followers. Had he not done that, I probably would not have found the weird tweets to George Webb regarding the 92 toys and where they are being delivered. So, thanks for that, a-hole. CP = child pornography.

Chrisperezcp account removed from followers of secret ToyFreaks account since yesterday
Chrisperezcp account removed from followers of secret ToyFreaks account since yesterday

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