Wicked Hillary Clinton Created “Pay to Slay” Scheme with Foreign Crime Family For Selling Baby Parts

Human Trafficking Daily Update – April 21 by Amy James and Evelyn Pringle

People are shocked by the prospect of trafficking drugs. People are shocked by the prospect of trafficking people. But people are in disbelief and denial about trafficking humans for sale for their “parts.” Murder seems to be where the public mindest seems to cross a line from horror into disbelief and denial, only because of this horror, and inability to process that horror. This topic is so incredibly disturbing.

For many who are so brainwashed by Planned Parenthood they will either refuse to believe this information or simply not care, because the murder of a child while still in the womb is their sacred cow. The Satanists have worshipped child sacrifice throughout history. The only difference now is that the brainwashed masses view child sacrifice more in terms of an athiestic, self-deterministic right to one’s own body that necessitates the belief that murdering children is acceptable, than they do in terms of the Satanic demon worship that has existed since Babylon and the beginning of the Egyptian mystery religion.

There is no difference between murdering a child who is already born and selling his parts, and murdering a child who is not yet born and selling his parts. Both are illegal.

What should be more shocking to you is that people are more shocked by the sale of those parts than they are by the murder. I saw an article on Voat that was deleted by moderators, which fully pertains to Pizzagate and yet these articles always seem to be removed. The topic was that experts are saying there is no difference between abortion and killing an infant.

Although this is an older article and it foretells the coming mindset that people want to condition the masses to accept on infanticide, it is technically correct. There is not a difference.

The indifference of the people to abortion is simply a result of mind control. You should be up in arms about the mass murder of any group of people, especially helpless babies, especially when those murders are committed by the children’s parents.

Convincing people it is in their best interest to kill their own children is a very tragic game that the elites are winning.

We are not “human resources” for the elites to exploit. We are human beings created in the image of God. Life is sacred and that is why we value life in this country so much so that the death penalty has largely ceased to exist. In a backwards society, we value the lives of convicted killers more than we value the lives of  victims whose lives came to an end for no reason.

If you have not connected the #Pizzagate dots yet, Andrew Breitbart, Center For Medical Progress, and others did, long before “Pizzagate” was a term being used to describe these scandals.

Those who threaten the Planned Parenthood machine have become targets of the Clinton / Soros Deep State. Andrew Breitbart was murdered, and CMP investigators are under target by the State of California with criminal charges for exposing Stem Express and Planned Parenthood. The Clinton Foundation, and indeed, the criminals in high places around the world engage in any and all crimes that they can as long as it turns a profit for them. Human beings are seen as “mundanes” as the Satanists refer to them, with no rights to life – mere animals to be used as resources to ensure power and riches for the elites.

More on Andrew Breitbart and John Podesta later…

People are taking notice of these crimes and the puzzle pieces are beginning to come together. We must keep the pressure on.

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2 thoughts on “Wicked Hillary Clinton Created “Pay to Slay” Scheme with Foreign Crime Family For Selling Baby Parts

  1. […] Just because everyone who attempted to discredit the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood protecting pimps at that time that they came out appeared only to be focused on Planned Parenthood as an institution, and on safeguarding their “abortion rights,” does not mean that their only motive was “women’s rights.” It seems that Andrew Breitbart had already learned of the wider and more intricate web of criminal motives and activities that we now all see are connected to each other for the first time. See: ‘Pay to Slay’: Foreign Crime Family Reached Hillary Clinton for Immigration Favors so They Could….[14] […]


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