US War Games and Genocide

Daily Update – April 20 by Amy James and Evelyn Pringle

Whether or not you buy into the propaganda published daily about various war games that the U.S. engages in depends entirely on what information you are privy to. Unfortunately, the media in the U.S. does not report the majority of facts on these conflicts and the public will so easily forget the war crimes committed by our leaders that none of these operatives ever seems to have a disincentive for being the criminals that they are.

Do you really think it’s a coincidence that so many middle eastern countries’ leaders can so easily possess the oil that our elites wish to control, the gold currency, Swiss bank accounts, and the criminals willing to murder innocent people in order to help them along the way with both the tasks of taking out anyone who stands in the way, as well as engage in false flag terrorist attacks and even faked movie-like attacks with real actors, and fake news stories to help rally support for the overarching agenda?

These stories indicate that the U.S.-led mess in Syria is an elaborate con, and they show the parallels between the current conflict, and the same types of fabricated excuses offered up to the American people regarding the justification for the plundering of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fake Human Rights Groups and Charities:

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