Kid Yells “Fake News” to CNN Reporter Live on Air (video)

April 19 2017 by Amy James and Evelyn Pringle

This video is pure greatness. Watch all the way to the end. First a child is seen yelling Fake News, but then it gets even better. Donald Trump signed an autograph on a MAGA hat for a child at the Easter Egg Roll and the Fake News proceeded to claim that he then threw the hat into the crowd rather than give the hat back to the child. In order to accomplish the fake news, the camera zooms way in and cuts out the child and then the video is edited to remove the child catching the hat and saying thank you. Mark Dice shows how deceptive the CNN and Young Turks as well as Politico coverage really is. A complete video of the exchange captured by NBC is shown at the end. This is one of many reasons why if you are trusting the mainstream media, you’re being deceived.

Mark Dice reports:

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