In case it really has to be said… this is why we are the real news

This website is published by Evelyn Pringle and Amy James.

Evelyn Pringle is an award-winning investigative journalist who covers issues such as government corruption, vaccines, psychiatric drugs, birth defects, human trafficking, and the depopulation methods being employed upon the masses by elites.

Amy James is a researcher, independent blogger, and long-time activist for human rights.

The topics covered on this website are serious and are not a joke, and nothing we are reposting is intended to be a satire story or faked. Unfortunately after The Podesta Emails came out, elites began paying trolls to write fake news stories about numerous topics, topics that you will see on this website. This was done, and is still being done, to muddy the waters and discredit the crowdsourced investigation into human trafficking and pay for play. We do our best to make sure not one of those fake pieces of disinformation makes it onto this website.

In light of the allegations that all current scandals we have been tirelessly researching for many months are fake news, distractions from bigger stories, or that they were “debunked,” etc.,  we want our readers to know that we are completely independent of the other researchers who claim that researching those responsible for the abuse and murder of children is a “distraction” from “more important stories.”  Neither Evelyn nor Amy is in the employment of George Soros. Neither Evelyn nor Amy uses a fake name online. Neither Evelyn nor Amy has a two million dollar mansion. Neither Evelyn nor Amy claims to be an actor, when called into court. Neither Evelyn nor Amy has any love lost between a source of income and herself as a result of covering these stories. We could easily try to sell you some t-shirts, but we own no distribution factories and we have no advertisers. We can’t pay you to protest in the street wearing a vagina costume or break any windows. But we do want you to know what’s going on and we want you to fight back, for the next generation, and the children who are in danger today.

Whenever you see a link or a blog article from an outside source that is reposted here, it is not our intention to make a blanket vouch for its credibility. We make an effort to fact check before posting. Occasionally, due to the high level of threat posed to the elites by the information that we are covering, a story may slip past us that has been faked. If you notice one of these claims, please bring it to our attention so we can investigate and delete if we find it to be legitimately faked.

There will be no malicious statements made by either Evelyn or Amy regarding individuals who are potentially guilty of crimes – all of our comments are based on the collective amount of knowledge we both possess based on years of research. All statements regarding individuals who have or may have committed crimes are made with the knowledge that, despite the fact that some of the monsters discussed on this site have not and probably will not ever be tried or convicted, they are nevertheless most likely guilty of what we are saying that they did.

Finally, neither one of us has surplus dollars, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, or any whores we can donate to your currency collection projects to make it worth your time to sue us. You’ll have to go to Hillary Clinton if you want your “pizza.” Also, we post daily proof of life for our followers. So have a nice day, elites – may your journeys be long and your plights be heavy.

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